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keynote Speakers

nassim haramein

Topic: Space the Final Frontier

Nassim Haramein, a world leader in physics, has dedicated 30+ years to research and development of a Unified Field Theory. His most recent works apply his unique physics theories to patented resonance technologies focused on vacuum energy extraction. Since digital coaching is based on feeding back information on health parameters for optimal health, as well as the expansion of the Universe, in constant feedback loops of information, Nassim’s talk will inspire health coaches interested in re-energizing the biofield.

rollin mccraty, ph.d.

Topic: Moving Past Stress Management: Building and Sustaining Resilience Capacity

Rollin McCraty, PhD, is Director of Research at the HeartMath Institute. He has been featured in a number of documentary films such as I Am, The Truth, The Joy of Sox, The Power of the Heart, Solar Revolution, and The Living Matrix among many others. Dr. McCraty will speak about energy management from the perspective of Heart Rate Variability (HRV), which is critical in the training of Quantum Health Coaches. The improvement of risk factors associated with Optimal Heart Coherence is tremendous. Rollin sees the heart reacting through emotion faster than the brain itself. Resetting your HRV baseline can also have an effect on the collectivity., as the many participants who share the same heart intention through the Global Coherence Initiative and Project Noosphere will agree.

caroline leaf, ph.d.

Topic: Cleaning Up The Mental Mess

Dr. Caroline Leaf, author of Switch on Your Brain, Think and Eat Yourself Smart, The Perfect You, and Think, Learn, Succeed, among many other books and journal articles, and her videos, podcasts, and TV episodes have reached millions globally. She is a communication pathologist and cognitive neuroscientist whose passion is to help people see the power of the mind to change the brain and find their purpose in life. Dr. Leaf presents a very clear strategy for how to rewire the brain by addressing the whole person rather than disease. The key is learning to manage “toxic thinking” and rewiring the brain toward a constructive lifestyle. Dr. Caroline offers health coaches simple, practical, and scalable scientific solutions that will help clients take back control of their mental health to succeed at work, school, and life!


Topic: Coaching Your Mind

Ariel Garten is a neuroscientist, innovator, and entrepreneur co-founder of InteraXon, the maker of Muse. She explains how meditation helps us shift what goes on in the mind and walks coaches through a valuable tool, the Muse, that provides health coaches a window into the brain’s activity. You’ll learn the neuroscience of meditation and how the mind can translate chemical and physiological changes in the body.

ron garan, Col. USAF (Ret.)

Topic: Human Potential

Colonel Ron Garan’s place as one of the world’s most influential individuals is assured. He is a decorated NASA astronaut who has spent 178 days in space and traveled 71 million miles during 2,842 orbits around our planet. Colonel Garan will talk about The Orbital Perspective, a shift in Planetary Consciousness that can solve the modern crisis through cooperation and integration. In Quantum Health Coaching, everything is about perspective.

Dominique Dawes

Topic: How to Climb The Mountaintop

Dominique Dawes wows audiences with her honest, funny, and inspiring look at life as a three-time Olympic gymnast. As part of the “Magnificent Seven” at the 1996 Atlanta games, Dawes won gold, but she also learned her greatest lesson: the pain of failure is always an opportunity for growth. Dominique shares her knowledge about the power of the mind and positive thoughts. Her journey could be very inspirational to Quantum Health Coaches since most clients who ask for coaching have experienced obstacles and failures related to disease. Seeing these challenges as opportunities to increase awareness about themselves is very important.

GUest speakers

Paul Drouin, M.D., IMD

Topic: Digital Medicine and Pro-Concsciousness Meditation

Digital Medicine - Dr. Paul Drouin, M.D., Doctor of Natural Medicine and Professor of Integrative Medicine and Founder of Quantum University. Immersive digital coaching in the monitoring of our health potential shifts the focus from a medicine of disease to a medicine of wellness. Health will be a game-changer in healthcare in the next decade. Scaling Health through smartphone sensor technologies is crucial to guiding the client toward their highest potential for health. Pro-Consciousness Meditation

(PCM) - Dr. Drouin discusses how to harvest subtle energy from the quantum fluctuations of the vacuum at the zero-point singularity. Pro-Consciousness Meditation (PCM) is the combination of Sound, Breath (Prana), and Crystal Technology and takes advantage of the tremendous source of energy within the vacuum to re-create harmony in the biofield that, when strengthened, will maintain and restore health.

Patrick Porter, PH.D.

Topic: Using The Quantum-Super Learning Advantage to Optimize Your Brain and Practice

Patrick Porter, PhD, is an award-winning author, educator, consultant, entrepreneur, speaker, and brainwave pioneer who has helped millions of people bio-hack their brainwaves for peak mental and physical performance, better sleep, and lifestyle enhancement. He presents cutting-edge information on mindfulness, power naps, and neurotransmitters that will explain how you can guide yourself and your clients to reach peak performance states when they need them most.


carla burns, PH.D.

Topic: 5 Steps to Awaken Your Inner Healer

Carla Burns, PhD, is a quantum wellness and spirituality expert working tirelessly to bridge the gap between science and spirituality and optimize health and wellness. The QiVibe, an app designed specifically to identify and manage high-frequency foods, is the result of her passion for a holistic approach to wellness. Health coach participants will learn how frequencies and vibrations, including those found in food, thoughts, emotions, and water, are foundational to well-being and how tracking and monitoring these can be used to modify daily habits. Health coaches will also learn and be able to offer a database of thousands of known frequencies generated from within the app. QiVib is a natural complement to the Qoach app, after monitoring health parameters, and is the perfect technology for increasing higher vibrations and life force.


Topic: Tending The Magic of a Home Yoga Practice

Estelle Thomson, Yoga teacher, visual artist, author, and grief activist with a Master's in Counseling Psychology - will speak about exploring strategies in time and space for optimal success in everyday home yoga practice habits for coaches and clients. Shift your mindset to establish a yoga practice and learn the magic that it can infuse into your clients to rekindle their inner fire!


Topic: Monitoring Your Meditation with Muse as a coach

Cody Rall, M.D., is a United States Navy-trained psychiatrist who specializes in wearable neurotechnology. Dr. Rall presents how to optimize Muse meditation as a coach using the calibration and concentration techniques in the Muse Meditation Mastery program along with the TechforPsych Neurofeedback Brain Circuit Training Program to guide clients through personalized meditation with Myndlift based on EEG data.


Topic: The Gut Connection to Weight Loss and Joint Pain

Todd Singleton, D.C., author, speaker, consultant, and practicing doctor. Dr. Todd will provide information to health coaches on how to deal with many health issues in their coaching practice, such as chronic pain, joint deterioration, arthritis, an inability to lose weight, lack of energy, sleep, pre-mature aging to live life to the fullest.

terry wright

Topic: You Can’t Be Healthy Living In A Sick Home

Terry Wright, founder and CEO of Wright Way Environmental Technologies, nationally-certified indoor environmental evaluator, Functional Bioenergy practitioner, and an inventor of medical-grade air and water treatment technologies. When listening to the client, the health coach must be aware of the challenges of a toxic environment which can be an obstacle that creates resistance on the path of restoring an optimal health balance.

Kelina Wolfe

Topic: Coaching with Qoach by QU

Kelina Wolfe is a native Hawaiian holistic entrepreneur with over five years of experience working with students in pursuit of a degree in natural, holistic, and integrative medicine. As indigenous woman Kelina is passionate about helping people by sharing the knowledge of consciousness and energy medicine with the world. Changing the future of healthcare one student at a time.